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Photo by Lihi Wolff

Phitching22_ Rotem Weissman_photo by Lihi Walff.jpg

Rotem Weissman is an Israeli choreographer and performer based in Berlin, Germany. 

She graduated from the Dance Department at The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (IL, 2015), and  Maslool Professional Dance Program (IL, 2017).  Rotem received a diploma in choreography from the International Choreographic Exchange postgraduate program at SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (AU, 2018), and was invited to the Artist In Residence one-year program at SEAD (AU, 2019). She also attended residencies at Studio Alta (CZ), Sadnaot Habama (IL), Tanz Station (DE) and “Alpha & Omega” Research – NEUSTART KULTUR #TakeHeart residency funding supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste,  flausen+ bundesnetzwerk residency in Schloss Bröllin. 

Rotem’s work includes, amongst others, “BAUHAUS” (Premiere 2018), which won a prize at Machol Shalem Dance House - Jerusalem International Choreography Competition (2019, IL), performed at PerformanceTag Festival (2019, AU) and in Fringe Festival – Stoff (2021, SE);  “AGADA” (Premiere 2022), performed at Acker Stadt Palast (2022, DE), Dock 11 (2022, DE) and Habait Theatre (2022, IL); “Yellow Poetry” (Premiere 2019), which performed at Jerusalem International Dance Week (2019, IL), Studio Bank (2020, IL) and AltoFest (2021, IT); “The Urge” (Premiere 2021). Rotem is involved as co-choreographer and dancer with the choreographer Ceren Oran, which performed in various locations across Europe.
‘Prism’ new piece for young audience, supported by Explore Dance – Munich- premiere (March 2023) 

“The Dance” – multidisciplinary work, collaboration with Naama Manor, the creation is supported by the Israeli lottery council – première (August 2023). 

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