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AGADA (Hebrew: tale) is derived from the Hebrew song 'Japanese legend’, written by Ehud Menor and composed by Ariel Zilber. Tales and legends possess myriad characteristics that resonate with human experience. Often featuring archetypal characters, fantastical settings, and moral lessons, they transcend time and culture. Their enduring appeal lies in their ability to captivate the imagination, evoke emotion, and convey timeless truths. Whether transmitted orally, in written form, or through multimedia adaptations, tales continue to shape our collective consciousness and inform our understanding of the world. In today's fast-paced, interconnected world, these narratives serve as anchors, providing solace, inspiration, and guidance amidst the complexities of modern life. From fairy tales teaching resilience to epic myths exploring the human condition, the power of tales and legends endures as a vital element of our existence, reminding us of our shared humanity and the timeless quest for meaning. 

Dancers - Raz Mantell, Jin Lee, Ariel Hayun, Ruby Frances Jones and Lena Klink\ Susanna Ylikoski

Dramaturgy - Zuki Ringart

Music editing - Roi Becker 


Piece for young audience 7 +

The pop-up dance performance PRISMA by Choreographer Rotem Weissman, takes three popular children's books and brings them to life. Concrete figures, images and stories become abstract movement qualities and fantastic beings that constantly transform themselves. The stories merge into a world that is mysterious, humorous, lively, unexpected and doesn't seem to follow any logic. The piece invites you to follow your own imaginative creativity instead of searching for the one right meaning. Like a prism breaking white light into the colors of a rainbow, the piece celebrates a colorful diversity of perspectives.

Choreography: Rotem Weissman

Concept and dance: Rotem Weissman, Jin Lee, Jihun Choi

 Music: Tai Rona

Costumes:  U.Kaiju and Han Lai

Dramaturgy: Susanne Schneider

Expert: Ceren Oran

Press photos: Mehmet Vanli

Prism Press:

Duration : 45 min

Production: Fokus Tanz | Kaiserstr. 46 | 80801 Munich |


The piece is a concerto for two soloists - a dancer and a drummer.  focuses on two relationships at the same time: the relationship between dance and drums and the relationship between dance and conduction.  

As in any concerto, the orchestra accompanies the soloists and sometimes becomes the soloist itself.

Conducted and composed by Keren Kagarlitsky

Drums - Gal Hochberg

Symphonette Raanana תזמורת סימפונט רעננה 

The Dance

Collaboration with Naama Manor.
4 performers: an actress, a musician, a choreographer, and a dancer, come together in moments of loss and discovery. Dancing on the delicate seam between loosing and getting lost. The creation is based on three songs written in the Villanelle structure. A structure characterized by meticulous recurrence. The confined space that the songs describe, contrasted with the urge to dive into abysses, comes together on stage into a celebratory and tantalizing autonomy. The dance is by Israeli poet Dori Manor. "One Art" by American poet Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979). "Do not go gentle into that good night" by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (1914-1953).

"Goddesses farewell, I shall see the shade you became" 2022

The piece inspired by the prelude to “ Afternoon of a Faun". The work refers to the iconic references drawn from the poem of Stéphane Mallarmé, the music of the composer Claude Debussy, and the ballet of Nijinsky. The work celebrates nostalgia and history, instincts, sexuality, fantasy and breaks perceptions regarding the historical impact that Nijinsky's work from 1912 caused .

the nymphs and the fauns integrate into each other to celebrate passion, an imaginary landscape, an aesthetic world, a movement treasure that communicates

in spirit with the three works. 

Curtin Up Project 2022

Choreography - Rotem Weissman Dancers - Ella Gill, Ela Pollak, Ziv Besor and Amit Zaretsky

Original Music - Tai Rona

Rehearsal director - Melenie Barson

Yellow Poetry

Choreography – Rotem Weissman
Dancers – Yael Wachman\ Rotem Weissman, Máté Asbót\ Amit Landau and Tamar Honig

Co – Creator – Tamar Hoing 

Original music- Tai Rona 

Contemporary dance piece that comes to challenge the human’s constant need for meaning. Through the arbitrary the work re-examines the concept of meaning and offers various possibilities to address it. The search for meaning within this piece will repeatedly encounter barriers and rebuttal until there is no choice but to devote oneself to the experience itself.


Gennadi, solo for Márton Gláser. 

the performer explores the desire to control and direct the audience with sensitive daily gestures. journey of invitations, commands, confusions mix with humour, listening and attention . 


Dancers: Amit Landau, Tamar Rosenzweig and Rotem Weissman

WORKS: Programs
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